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Cleaning & Maintenance

admin - 27 September 2017 - 0 comments

Itaka Stone countertops are absorption resistant; however, all stains should be removed within 16 hours from their formation.


Product needed:
• STONE CLEANER – spray (neutral detergent)
• Use the neutral detergent STONE CLEANER – spray (undiluted) or any other common household cleaner
• Wet the countertop surface uniformly with the detergent, rub gently with the soft side of a yellow/green sponge, rinse thoroughly and dry with a cloth.


Products needed:
• STONE CLEANER – spray (neutral detergent)
• STONE TILE CLEANER (slightly acidic cleaner)

The products available in the Stone Kit have been specifically designed and developed for Itaka Stone. They are like no other cleaning and protective products available in the market today. The use of products other than Itaka Stone is not recommended for the extraordinary cleaning and treatment of the countertops.

Should the daily cleaning not be effective or in case of stubborn dirt caused by hard water, red wine, sparkling wine, coffee, tea, blood, cooking oils, tomato sauce, food residues, substances containing sugar, fatty and greasy substances, hot oil spills, we recommend cleaning the surface with STONE TILE CLEANER (slightly acidic cleaner), except for quartz containing mother of pearl on which you may only use STONE CLEANER – spray (neutral detergent).

• Wet the surface uniformly with a 30% solution of STONE TILE CLEANER (one part of STONE TILE CLEANER and two parts of water) and allow to stand for about 10 minutes

• Gently rub the surface with the green side of a yellow/green sponge, until all dirt is removed from the surface

• Rinse thoroughly

• Dry with a cloth

In case of stubborn stains, apply undiluted STONE TILE CLEANER directly to a yellow/green sponge, rub gently with the green side of the sponge and rinse thoroughly.

Superblack: there might be a sort of slight visible abrasion effects due to its purity in colour and tonality if compared to light colours of Itaka Stone collection.